Untruncated file names on SSO

how to ensure the PDFs you download from Singapore Statutes Online are appropriately named

  •  1 min  •  
Transferring files to and from a volume

how to manage data on a persistent volume

  •  2 mins  •  
Recommending books to NLB

a brief overview and details about recommendation statuses

  •  1 min  •  
Debugging a Crestar fan

how to save $50 when your remote control stops working

  •  1 min  •  
Generating legal diagrams from text

more efficient diagram-making with Mermaid

  •  5 mins  •  
Manually generating a Zoom link

from the meeting ID and meeting password

  •  3 mins  •  
HSBC transfer limits

counterintuitive design and error -10004

  •  1 min
A Practical Guide to RSS

how to get started in 2 minutes and what feeds to follow

  •  8 mins  •  
Using with a private repository

add comments on a static site powered by GitHub issues in a private repository

  •  2 mins  •  
Why you should consider using RSS

See only the content you want on your feed; avoid being locked in by closed platforms

  •  13 mins  •  
Automatic OSCOLA Citations with Juris-M

How to manage and cite cases, legislation, commentary, etc.

  •  5 mins  •  
Ancient Legal Innovations

Interesting ideas from pirate law, medieval Icelandic law, and other early legal systems

  •  4 mins  •  
Combining multiple drives on Linux

with the magic of mergerfs

  •  1 min  •  
Read PDFs on a tablet with ZotFile

and sync the annotations back to Zotero

  •  2 mins  •  
Multilevel numbered headers in Word

for academic articles, legal documents, etc.

  •  1 min  •  
The built-in reading time calculator in gatsby-transformer-remark

You probably don't need gatsby-remark-reading-time

  •  1 min  •  
  •  1 min  •  
Mounting does nothing

no drive is mounted, yet no error is thrown

  •  1 min  •  
Adding your UCL Timetable to your main calendar

How to tell your calendar that your life extends beyond UCL

  •  1 min