Here's a selection of some of my previous projects. If you're interested in my full-time professional work experience, see my LinkedIn profile.


Edit PDF and DOCX documents directly in your browser without uploading them to a remote server. Remove editing or highlighting restrictions, unlock track changes, rearrange, delete, and rotate pages, and more.


Whether Report

Tracks the accuracy of weather forecasts made by Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) by comparing the forecasts against actual rainfall recorded by the National Environment Agency (NEA)'s weather stations.



A browser extension for Firefox and Google Chrome that helps you quickly locate, open, and download legal judgments.



A revamped website that allowed members of the Society of European Contract Law to pay their membership fees online and keep apprised of the society's latest events and publications.


Position Locator for ACES (PLACES)

PLACES allows callers to quickly and accurately share their location and other information with 995 operators. A SMS link is sent to the caller, that when opened, automatically transmits the caller's location and the direction they are facing, to the 995 operator. The caller can also be directed to share photos, videos, or livestream what they are seeing, all through that same link.


A Facebook Messenger bot that helps renters contest eviction notices under s8 and s21 of the Housing Act 1988 powered by Docassemble, with all the chatbot logic and material contained in a Docassemble YAML file so non-technical users can edit it without having to wade through code.

2020Winner of the Office & Dragons x Barclays Eagle Labs LegalTech Hackathon

TabWise - Scan it, Say it, Split it

An app that helps you split bills quickly and painlessly. No maths, no logins or passwords, and no cash required. Just free and instant card payments. All you need to do is snap a picture of your receipt.

2019Capital One Prize, Hack King's 6.0

UCL Assistant

An app for students at staff at UCL showcasing the UCL API. Key features include access to your personal timetable, seating maps (including live occupancy) for libraries and study spaces, and room bookings for all centrally-bookable rooms around campus.



Texpress allowed you use to Facebook Messenger via SMS when you lacked WiFi/3G/4G/5G/etc (e.g. in the tube, during an O2 outage, in Scotland, etc.).

2018Winner, Hack King's 5.0


Alice lives in London, Bob lives in San Francisco, and Charles lives in Beijing. They want to go on a trip together, but aren't sure where to go. Trivialgo made finding cheap flights to a common destination trivial.

2018Winner, Hack King's 5.0


A GPS-assisted GP appointment management system. Amongst other things, it cancelled your appointment if it realised that you were so far away that it was physically impossible for you to arrive for your appointment on time. The vacant appointment slot would then be reallocated accordingly.

20182nd Prize, hatch London

Microwave Internet Exploder

A modern vintage web browser that makes The Internet™ look like '90s GeoCities.

2018Amex Prize, Porticode 3.0


A remotely-controlled switch-flipper designed to be retrofitted onto existing light switches. It turned dumb switches into IoT-enabled smart ones.

2018Winner, Hackomania 2018


A NodeJS wrapper for the Singapore National Library Board (NLB)'s API which was recommended by NLB in its API documentation.