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also, pedra branca and some apps

  •  7 mins
Brúarfossa cautionary tale

In the south-west part of Iceland, along the Golden Circle, there is a waterfall named Brúarfoss. Its blue waters have long attracted tourists but I think not enough has been said about the poor condition of the hiking path to the viewpoint. My own…

8 Jun 2022
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Some words about Iceland

also, estoppel, and a hamster

  •  10 mins
We are the nerds: The birth and tumultous life of Reddit (2018)Christine Lagorio-Chafkin

This book provided a lot of context for me regarding the history and culture of Reddit, including insight into many in-jokes, references, and norms on the platform. The first part of the book focuses on how Reddit was founded and grown, including a…

26 May 2022
The Beast AdjournsTed Kosmatka

I read this some time back, but began thinking about it again recently. It was tricky tracking it down based on the vague impression I had at the back of my mind, but the re-read was entirely worth it. The incredibly imaginative premise of the story…

14 May 2022
metaperceptual helmets

also, a potential food ordering scam, and a rant about legal citations

  •  5 mins
Slow HorsesSeason 1

Every bureacracy has a dumping ground for once-promising executives who are now unpromotable for one reason or another. This is a thrilling short series about the MI5 equivalent and a different take on the usual secret agent genre — a worthy rival to…

5 May 2022
Not Bad
a judge is protective of weekends

also, the 'inclusive or' in legalese, word counts, and blogspot

  •  5 mins
crypto and bird law

also, a Clerkent update

  •  4 mins
NFTs, law, and a value thesis

also, personal data in smart TVs

  •  6 mins